• Jeni Johnson

Wadhurst Clay

If you've picked up one of our FREE 'We've got creative arts in the bag' you will have found some Wadhurst clay in the bag, and if so you might be wondering what you can make with the clay.

Have a go at making a pinch pot!

You will need:

The clay (keep it wrapped until you are ready to work with it, so it doesn't dry out)

A pot of water

Toothpick to use as a decoration tool

First start by smoothing out the clay into a round ball. You can use a little bit of water at this stage to make the clay smooth.

Then use your thumb to push into the clay and then start to make walls by pinching and turning to make your pot shape.

You might find the clay will crack at the edges, when this happens you can use a bit of water and your thumb to smooth out the clay.

This process can take quite a while to get the shape and smooth surface you are happy with. Then you'll have a pinch pot that can either be ornamental or functional.

You can also have a go at making a plate. Flatten the clay to the shape you like, then use a tooth pick to create designs on your plate!

Leave your clay creations out in the sun to dry out, or with an adult you can experiment with firing the clay in a BBQ or fire pit.

Let us know how you get on by emailing wadhurstculture@gmail.com with CLAY in the subject line.

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