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Wadhurst as Muse!

Wadhurst Culture speaks to Evangeline Armstrong, local artist and illustrator, about her new series of drawings called 'Lines Meet':

"Despite my BA, I have always been drawn back to my roots in drawing and art, though never focused on it fully until this last year. (Theres nothing like a pandemic to help you finally focus on things you love!) Over Lockdown, I have enjoyed transforming the surrounding neighbourhoods into colourful artworks.

Architecture has always been a main point of inspiration, both in jewellery and in art. And - especially in this time - transforming the over-looked or mundane into fun and beauty.

This series of drawings named Lines Meet started in Notting Hill and focused mainly on council blocks and the inside of churches. (Lockdown creating some great criteria). And I’d take my drawing things out each day to interesting locations I’d spotted on walks.

What became a lockdown pleasure soon created sales and became part of pop-up galleries responding to the art produced during lockdown. Little did I know, coming up to the recent restrictions post-Christmas, that Wadhurst would become my new muse!

Like many others during this pandemic, I thought there was little new excitement to be found in the familiar. Especially after nine years of living in busy London after itching to move away from the ‘quiet village’ where I grew up.

So in more ways than one, this project has brought me back to my roots; creatively, geographically and even emotionally. As many of us will have experienced in this intense time; although we grow tired of our surroundings, there is always a whole new angle to be seen."

See if you can spot some of these interesting locations captured in Evangeline's vibrant drawings.

Best way to see and buy work is via Instagram: @evangeline.armstrong www.evangelinearmstrong.com

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