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Local maker gets creative

Jennifer Ramos Art

This week we've chatted to Jenni Ramos about her recent creative projects creating fantastic watercolours and personalized hand-painted cards:

When I was younger I studied A-level art. I then went on to the London College of Fashion leading to a job as a window dresser at Selfridges London.

I left all this behind when I had children and hadn't picked up a paintbrush since (except for my cake business, but that's a different chapter).

During the lockdown, I felt the need to distract myself from the groundhog days so started painting with watercolours.

After painting a few watercolours for friends, I thought I could sell some painted cards, So I put up some work on FB, and it gained lots of interest. I've also had some enquires about selling them in the Wadhurst village shops.

I wouldn't say my work is original but I enjoy painting them and they make people smile.

Thank you, Jenni, you certainly have made us smile! You can see more of Jenni's work on her FB page Jenni Ramos Art or email her at ramosjennifer10@googlemail.com

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