• Jeni Johnson

Can you make an Object Sculpture?

Sculptures come in all shapes, colours and sizes! You can create sculptures with any materials you like!

Can you make your own object sculpture?

Find up to fifteen objects you like around the house. Maybe you like the colour or the material or the shape of the object or the texture of the object.

Start to play around with your objects and experiment with how you might build them into sculptures.

My family and I used lego, toilet roll, coloured pegs, a soap dish, pine cones, and other things we found round the house.

What might you find to build sculptures?

Will your sculptures have sound?

Will they rotate?

Will they reflect the sun and create shadows?

We hope you have fun responding to this art-activity and would love to see your creations! Follow us on Wadhurst Culture Facebook and @Wadhurstculture instagram and post your images.

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