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Artist Spotlight

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

In recent months global protests and the Black Lives Matter movement have dominated our media. In response, Wadhurst Culture has asked local art historian and curator Mollie Barnes, from @she_curates, to recommend three of her favorite black women artists.

The first artist spotlight is on Augusta Savage. Here's what Mollie had to say:

Augusta Savage is a trailblazing artist, born in 1892 in Florida, the seventh of fourteen children. She was the first African American woman to open her own gallery in the USA, 'The Salon of Contemporary Negro,' dedicated to showcasing black artists.

Her legacy as a sculptor lives on. She fought racism, poverty, and sexism to become a hugely influential figure throughout the Harlem Renaissance.

"From the time I can first recall the rain falling on the red clay in Florida. I wanted to make things."

Have a look at her work on-line, and respond by having a go at drawing one of her sculptures. Here are a few examples; a drawing of 'Savage's Harp', from 1939 and 'Portrait Head of John Henry', 1940. Let us know your outcomes @wadhurstcreate

Mollie Barnes is a local curator, writer, arts host, and creator of @she_curates_, an on-line platform showcasing exclusive interviews of female-identifying artists. Take a look by clicking on www.mollieebarnes.com and follow @she_curates_ and be inspired!

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