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A chat with Charlotte McGovern

Updated: Feb 10

Winning photograph, Look Lockdown 2020

Charlie, hello and congratulations on winning Wadhurst Culture’s The Look of Lockdown open call photography project. ‘’Missing Friends’’ is a really super image. It really captures the spirit of the moment, both in its composition and with the NHS reference. The panel of judges unanimously chose your image as the winning photograph. Can you tell us a bit more about why you chose to call it this and how you came about taking the shot?

My youngest had just begun to settle and make some friends at nursery when lockdown happened. Although she’s very lucky to have two big sisters to entertain her she was missing her own little friends. I was also a little sad that she wouldn’t get to finish nursery.

I took the photo when she was looking out of her bedroom window as it was compositionally quite nice with the girls’ nhs rainbows either side but also I suppose a visual reminder of being stuck at home for so long (but equally how incredibly lucky we are to live somewhere surrounded by beautiful countryside)

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